Friday, July 12, 2013

A Trip to Mount Vernon

On Wednesday, we took the kids to Mount Vernon--the Virginia home of George Washington...
the estate is just incredibly beautiful and the privately run site is very well done.
We had such a great time...

The kids were given an Adventure Map to figure out puzzles with clues they would see along the way.

George Washington made Mount Vernon his home from 1754 until his death in one point the estate was more than 8,000 acres.  Just 16 miles south of Washington, DC, and right on the Potomac River--Mount Vernon has opened the Mansion, the outbuildings, the Tomb of George and Martha, the Slave Memorial, 50 acres of gardens, fields, orchards, barns and a working grain mill.

You aren't allowed to take photos in the actual mansion
but you could photograph rooms were the servants
ate and prepared their food...


A couple of the outbuildings.  

One is where the slave women 
did hot, heavy and dangerous laundry 
and the other is where the carriages were kept.

The grounds are extensive and beautiful..
we wandered down to the Pioneer Village where there is a
four acre garden, barns and grain mill.

You can't read that sign on the tree photo below probably...
but it says:

Tulip Poplar
circa 1766

On the right, Magda can see the Potomac river thru the trees...

The Upper Garden was, herbs, citrus, figs, was just lovely.

Wrapping up and solving the puzzle!

After touring outside for a while, there was a really great museum that we spent some time in.
The place is really impressive and you live in the area or ever come here with kids, 
you must check it out...