Monday, March 18, 2013

C'mon Spring!

This morning when we woke up, it was snowing...

Yesterday--it was very cold and grey--all day long...

I was curious about this time last year, 
so I checked my blog and almost exactly to the day:
I had posted a very different scenario.. 

I called last year's post...Signs of Spring--sounds nice, doesn't it?

See here for last year's SIGNS OF SPRING blog post.

Last year, the week's forecast for this time was a string of 70 degree sunny days..

This year--the forecast for this week is 40s/50s and rain..

(I promise, I am not complaining...just noting the difference with interest...)

Signs of Spring this year?  

Well, the crocus are up, that is true--
and I did make coconut macaroons this weekend...

Coconut macaroons and crocus are the harbingers of Spring, right?

But when the kids played outside last year--they were in shorts.

This year: they were hanging out in their coats...

They are soo sick of their coats...
and while we wait for the the daffodils to bloom...

I crochet granny squares.
 Lots and lots of granny squares..

I started like four years ago, before we moved East, to make a blanket for Magda. 
I put them down a long time ago and have only recently picked them back up again...

They kind of look like Spring, a maybe they can be this year's Sign of Spring...

And the good news is--after I crochet 3 more--


Only 59 more to go...should only take about 4 more years or so...

And since it was cold and grey yesterday, 

(a cold and grey spring day always reminds me of when Greg and I went to Italy..) 

I was kind of in the mood for a nice Tuscan minestrone...

I found this recipe and spent a cozy afternoon making a batch
 that we enjoyed with some grilled bread and a nice 
bottle of merlot...

Spring is just around the corner...right??

This recipe is really, really good and would be delish on any grey and rainy Sunday!

Hopefully there won't be too many more of those Sundays in the near future...

Happy Almost Spring!

Monday, March 4, 2013

We Love to Paint!

We went to an awesome birthday party recently; it was an ART PARTY 
and the kids donned cute, colorful berets and custom made aprons.

Painting on canvas board with acrylic paint was one of the fun, artful activities.

Ever since...we have been hooked!!

Above: in progress, by Magda

Still life with Fruit by Magda

Cupcake by Magda

 Abstract #1  by Luca

Cupcake by Luca