Monday, June 25, 2012

Kid Made Modern

My sister sent along an unexpected and totally awesome gift/book to us last week...

Kid Made Modern is this really great craft book by Todd Oldham, designer extraordinaire, that features 52 craft projects inspired by mid-century artists like Alexander Girard, Isamu Noguchi and Charles + Ray Eames.  All of the projects are inexpensive, often using recycled materials and it has very clear, easy to follow instructions.  

There were so many amazing projects to choose from, but there was one we had to make right away...

The Potato Block Print Scarf.  

Very easy and fun to make--Super stylish to boot!

We got an XX large t-shirt and I cut straight across, right under the arms, so we had just one big tube.

Next, we needed a potato, cut in two, 
with a square design cut in on each side--as a stamp.

A couple tubes of fabric paint.

That's it, we were ready to go!

You can't tell but there is a piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt so the paint doesn't soak thru to the other side, but other than that...what you see is what you do and its really fun and easy to make.  

Luca is getting some tape.  Luca LOVES tape.

Let it dry overnight, then flip it over and do more on the other side...such a great project!

I think this may be our new go-to for girl birthday presents!

Thanks Sissy!! We LOVE the book!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Chomper and Our Last Night

Our friends had never been crabbing and while it would have been fun for the kids, 
the nearest place to do so easily was kind of far away...

Plus it was hot and we were hungry.  

So, instead a brilliant idea was hatched:  

when Greg and Jonah went to the fish store,

they bought tuna, clams, steamed crabs AND one live crab...

whom the kids called...Chomper.

The plan was to set him free in the bay, but first--

it was dinner-time.

We had clams, steamed in white wine, butter and garlic with some good sourdough bread.

The kids shucked corn and it was delicious.

We had perfectly cooked and seasoned tuna steaks.

Then, there were the steamed crabs...

(sorry about your cousins, Chomper!!)

There is always a demonstration and instruction on how to best go about devouring whole crabs.
(Magda is a pro!)

Sometimes it's nice to get a little help!

 Crabs are messy.

A little after-dinner run-around and then it was time to set Chomper free.
It was a joint effort.

You never saw a crab move so fast in your life!
That little guy was in the water before we could practically blink.
There was almost no time to say good bye!!

Unfortunately for him, he left behind a leg...but check out his new digs!!

Pretty lucky little crab...

I loved doing this and want it to be our new annual beach tradition...
Kind of how the White House pardons a turkey at Thanksgiving.

From now on, we will set a crab free every summer...

Thank you so much to our friends who came such a long way to be with us...
We had such a wonderful time and we love and miss you even more.

Until next time....

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Non-Beach Beach Fun!

The awesome week at the beach continues...but we can't be at the beach all the time...

Sometimes we ride bikes or blow bubbles. 

Sometimes, we get out all of Grandma's fun craft kits and make stuff.  

(See amazing pot holders below!)

But hands down, the best non-beach beach fun is....


Its an old-school amusement park on the boardwalk and its the best--

besides the beach...

and then there is just good old hanging out with our dear friends that we love so much...

Such a special treat for us to be with them!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Beach Vacation 2012!

We are at the beach this week with our dear friends from Santa Fe who flew out to join us for some awesome vacation time together.  Here are some photos from our time so far...

ok, there is more to come from this week but this is a kids at the beach!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

The beginning of Summer

We kicked off the summer season with a busy weekend--
it was a hot one and summer is definitely here.

Things got started Friday which was the last day of pre-school for Luca.  

Ok, just pass the tissues right now...
I am so not ready for my little baby to be going to big kid school.  
To me, this is just one of those really big milestones
that signifies how quickly he is growing up.

(And I am coping as best I can...sniff sniff)

Not to mention how much we adore his Montessori teachers 
and the fact that both he and Magda had a really positive
experience at their lovely little Montessori pre-school.

Its hard to believe that his pre-school days are over and he starts kindergarten in the fall...

Both Greg and I were a mess on Friday but Luca 
(who dressed up for the special occasion) 
was pretty much unfazed and is excited to start the big K in the Fall!

It was a big weekend for Magdalena too....she had her first piano recital on Saturday.  
She played Lazy Mary and The Volga Boatmen.  


So proud...

Couldn't take any photos of her while she was playing because 

a) the flash would have been too distracting


b) we couldn't see her from behind the piano, anyway...

This weekend, we were also invited to a double-birthday party, a retirement party--
there was swimming at the pool AND a sleep over at Grandmom's & Poppie.   

I am not sure how we fit it all in 
but I got to have some girlfriends over for a little soiree Saturday night.   

I made tacos.
They were good...
I love tacos. 

Cilantro and tomatillo chicken tacos with a red cabbage salad and black beans.

So, whew, yes, that was our weekend...

Am kind of looking forward to work on Monday...

when I can sit down and relax for a while!