Sunday, February 23, 2014

Magda's broke leg

We got a lot of snow last week, which was awesome!
The kids went sledding a lot, which was really fun...

but on one sledding run, Magda had a freak accident 
which resulted in a spiral break of her right tibia.

which was neither awesome or fun..Magda's entire right leg had to be casted.

In purple which lots of her friends signed with a silver sharpie.

Today is the end of the first week.
This week, she has read a lot...but that's nothing new..

Magda is getting around at home really well on her crutches.

Luca, OF COURSE, is the being the best little bro--EVER!

Magda is sleeping a lot, which is good, of course--giving her body lots of down time to heal.
This is one of the best ways for her to sleep, on her stomach.

The stairs posed quite a problem at first, but with some practice
 and gentle coaching from her dad, Magda was able to "trust her crutch" and 
she is becoming a total pro at going up and down the stairs now.

Practically the best part about this whole experience is that school has a wheelchair Magda can borrow for the duration.  Magda's great friend Maddie helps wheel Magda around.

(That is Maddie coming to "pick" Magda up!)

All of Magda's friends are very concerned about her!

And anxious to take her for a spin!

 School has been a little bit of adjustment, but overall, we have a good system in place and the staff including the teachers, nurses and principal have all been very supportive of Magda.

We meet with the orthopedic surgeon next week--at that point we will take another x-ray.  Most likely, she will need the full leg cast for another 2 weeks (so, four weeks altogether for the full leg) and then based on how the leg is healing, she will need a below the knee cast--or even quite possible a walking boot, for an additional 2-4 weeks.  So, the good news is that Magda could be back to normal by April 1st or mid-April.  Right now, that does seems like an eternity away...but in reality, we all know how time flies--and April 1st will be here before we know it! 

Magda has been incredibly brave and strong thru all of this.  Its still inconceivable to us that she actually broke her leg in the first place, but we are all determined to make the most of the situation.  She is reading and drawing a lot and working on a journal.  As a family, we are focusing on the empathy this experience will allow us all to feel in the future for others who are experiencing physical pain.

She is a tough girl and she is healing every day.

We could not be prouder of her.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Magda turns 9!! We HEART DC Animal Rescue League!!

Magdalena turns NINE tomorrow...crazy! 
We talked and talked and talked about what we should do this year for her birthday
and after much consideration--she struck gold with the perfect idea!

She would invite her friends over to make dog chew toys and cat beds out of fleece;  
and then we would see if we could deliver them to a local animal shelter. 
Instead of presents, she would ask the girls to bring donations for the shelter..
and then MAYBE, just maybe-- if we were lucky, 
we could take a tour of the facilities and hang out with some of the animals.  

It all happen--just like that...beautifully!

First, we stocked up on A LOT OF FLEECE (above) and had cut it all up before-hand for the girls.

We got the instruction for fleece dog chew toys here.
And the idea for the cat beds here.

This was a great activity for the girls...they chatted and braided and tied knots.
Very fun and productive!

After every girl made one cat bed and a couple chew toys each, we had a very impressive stash!

After a quick lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup, we were off to a local shelter.

A totally awesome and amazing place!!

About WARL: Founded in 1914, the Washington Animal Rescue League is the oldest animal shelter in Washington D.C. Its mission includes rescuing, rehabilitating and finding homes for animals who have no where else to go. The League also supports animals through affordable veterinary care, community outreach and education. Learn more about the Washington Animal Rescue League at

We were greeted by the Leagues's incredible Brittany and amazing James--
who divided the girls up into 2 groups and took them on the tour.

First Stop: The Cats..some cats were just hanging out or snoozing out in the open--which was so nice to see them be able to be out in the open and free.  Some were hanging out in their "cat condos" 

Dexter, below, with the pink tag was going to his forever home the next day--YAY DEXTER! 

(below) This was the best part...

This is the cat bed Magda made.  

This is Magda giving her cat bed 
to Aidan, the black kitten.  

This is Magda feeling pretty proud..

It doesn't get much better than this!!

(below) The shelter had just received 30 animals from South Carolina the day before our visit.  This is one of the sweethearts from that group...she wasn't quite cleared to be cuddled, 
but, boy--did we sure want to!!

(left) The cat pantry! (right) Touring the cat condos.

When the tour was done, James and Brittany brought us into the community room, 
where they would bring out 2 different dogs for the kids to play with.  

First up: Zeke.  Total puppy! He LOVED the chew toys...and he loved Luca!

Next, the much adored Tembler.. (Timblur...Temblr??  Not quite sure on spelling)

This little guy was SO AWESOME...
he was a little shy at first, but then started prancing around like a little circus dog.
He was like a miniature shepherd...or as we like to say:
a shepherd crossed with a chihauhua!  

Tembler was a BIG hit!

(Thanks James!!)

We finished off the partay with a little chocolate cupcake and some WOOT-WOOT.
(Karaoke ensued...)

Overall, a really great party and the kids did some good as well.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Halloween 2013!

We had our annual Halloween party this year for our neighbors and friends.

I think one of my favorite things about this year was--with help of my mother-in-law, 
making costumes for the kids--dressing them up like Josephine and Napoleon!  

That is a thrift store, navy blue hooded sweatshirt that Luca is wearing...that I was
able to transform, fairly easily, into French military regalia!

And my mother-in-law made "Josephine's" dress and shrug that wrapped around and tied in the back.

Magda and I made her "jewels."

The outside of the house looked pretty much like last year...

We borrowed our neighbors' awesome home made witch. 


The inside, haunted house, was also similar to last year--except this year, I made a curtain of ripped up black plastic garbage bags that the kids could pop in and out of, 
scarring whomever happen to be walking by.

In the entrance hall, we did do something that worked ok and was a little creepy.  The four of us made plaster molds of our hands that I then mounted on wood it looked like they were coming thru
the wall--sort of..

And I hung some bones where we usually hang our coats...just your usual basic spooky stuff...

When the party got started, this table was full of lots of treats for the kids.

We told scary stories around the fire pit in the back yard but first, the moms took the kids for a haunted walk thru the neighboring park--where the dads were waiting to scare the pants off them!  Our amazing neighbor hung this ghost on a zip line that came down as the kids ran past it...among other surprises that made them all scream their heads off--was pretty great!

And! My newest addition, a full life-like skeleton!  
I am so excited to be the proud new owner of this guy. 

Huge thanks to my gracious friends who saw me as a fit custodian!  

I can't wait to use him next year...


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to School 2013!

The kids went back to school on Monday.

It was a bit of a last minute scramble
 because there was the possibility of a last minute school transfer 
but that didn't happen--it was a win-win, either way.

So they are both happy and at home at their new teachers and old friends...

They are getting so heart-breakingly big.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Happy Birthday Boy--Luca turns 6!

Luca turned 6 in July and I am pretty sure we celebrated his birthday bash 
with friends on the hottest, most humid day of the year.  

But because nothing beats hot, humid days like the local community swimming pool (the YMCA) 
we got a bunch of friends together...

(Luca's directive: boys ONLY, with a few sister siblings exceptions)

and rented out this crazy blow-up, part jungle gym/ part obstacle course slide thing--in the indoor pool!

You can either climb/slide/fall all over it--which is what Luca liked...


You can challenge your friend, dad, spouse to a race over/through it.

(Which is what Magda and her dad did--quite a bit...)

Hilarity ensues...

and its a race to the finish...

Pretty sure Magda won that time! 

Very fun to get to that final slide and have your splash ending into the water!

Below, fun and tuckered party goers.

The family celebration of Luca's birthday involved 
presents, pizza and a home-make ice cream cake.

Magda made Luca a really cool necklace that he has pretty much worn non-stop since he got it.

And! since the boy is completely crazy for all things buggy, 
I found this mounted & framed cicada on ebay...

A mother's love truly knows no limits. 

Luca got not one but two awesome legos sets, lovely jeep flowers from Uncle Michael...
but I think the best present of all, was the enormous skate board we got him--

(that I, not very smartly, picked out--either he will get really good 
or he will be traumatized for life--will keep you posted.)

Things wrapped up nicely by making pizza with Grandmom.

(Luca's dinner pick!)

and this not pretty, but pretty darn tasty graham cracker angel food cake 
rolled with rocky road ice cream and some extra marshmallows thrown in for good measure.

I should have taken a photo once we sliced into it, 
but it was so good, and still so hot, we had to eat fast!

Happy Birthday to our beautiful, sweet, gracious & generous boy!

We love you so, so much...