Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to School 2013!

The kids went back to school on Monday.

It was a bit of a last minute scramble
 because there was the possibility of a last minute school transfer 
but that didn't happen--it was a win-win, either way.

So they are both happy and at home at their new teachers and old friends...

They are getting so heart-breakingly big.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Happy Birthday Boy--Luca turns 6!

Luca turned 6 in July and I am pretty sure we celebrated his birthday bash 
with friends on the hottest, most humid day of the year.  

But because nothing beats hot, humid days like the local community swimming pool (the YMCA) 
we got a bunch of friends together...

(Luca's directive: boys ONLY, with a few sister siblings exceptions)

and rented out this crazy blow-up, part jungle gym/ part obstacle course slide thing--in the indoor pool!

You can either climb/slide/fall all over it--which is what Luca liked...


You can challenge your friend, dad, spouse to a race over/through it.

(Which is what Magda and her dad did--quite a bit...)

Hilarity ensues...

and its a race to the finish...

Pretty sure Magda won that time! 

Very fun to get to that final slide and have your splash ending into the water!

Below, fun and tuckered party goers.

The family celebration of Luca's birthday involved 
presents, pizza and a home-make ice cream cake.

Magda made Luca a really cool necklace that he has pretty much worn non-stop since he got it.

And! since the boy is completely crazy for all things buggy, 
I found this mounted & framed cicada on ebay...

A mother's love truly knows no limits. 

Luca got not one but two awesome legos sets, lovely jeep flowers from Uncle Michael...
but I think the best present of all, was the enormous skate board we got him--

(that I, not very smartly, picked out--either he will get really good 
or he will be traumatized for life--will keep you posted.)

Things wrapped up nicely by making pizza with Grandmom.

(Luca's dinner pick!)

and this not pretty, but pretty darn tasty graham cracker angel food cake 
rolled with rocky road ice cream and some extra marshmallows thrown in for good measure.

I should have taken a photo once we sliced into it, 
but it was so good, and still so hot, we had to eat fast!

Happy Birthday to our beautiful, sweet, gracious & generous boy!

We love you so, so much...