Sunday, February 23, 2014

Magda's broke leg

We got a lot of snow last week, which was awesome!
The kids went sledding a lot, which was really fun...

but on one sledding run, Magda had a freak accident 
which resulted in a spiral break of her right tibia.

which was neither awesome or fun..Magda's entire right leg had to be casted.

In purple which lots of her friends signed with a silver sharpie.

Today is the end of the first week.
This week, she has read a lot...but that's nothing new..

Magda is getting around at home really well on her crutches.

Luca, OF COURSE, is the being the best little bro--EVER!

Magda is sleeping a lot, which is good, of course--giving her body lots of down time to heal.
This is one of the best ways for her to sleep, on her stomach.

The stairs posed quite a problem at first, but with some practice
 and gentle coaching from her dad, Magda was able to "trust her crutch" and 
she is becoming a total pro at going up and down the stairs now.

Practically the best part about this whole experience is that school has a wheelchair Magda can borrow for the duration.  Magda's great friend Maddie helps wheel Magda around.

(That is Maddie coming to "pick" Magda up!)

All of Magda's friends are very concerned about her!

And anxious to take her for a spin!

 School has been a little bit of adjustment, but overall, we have a good system in place and the staff including the teachers, nurses and principal have all been very supportive of Magda.

We meet with the orthopedic surgeon next week--at that point we will take another x-ray.  Most likely, she will need the full leg cast for another 2 weeks (so, four weeks altogether for the full leg) and then based on how the leg is healing, she will need a below the knee cast--or even quite possible a walking boot, for an additional 2-4 weeks.  So, the good news is that Magda could be back to normal by April 1st or mid-April.  Right now, that does seems like an eternity away...but in reality, we all know how time flies--and April 1st will be here before we know it! 

Magda has been incredibly brave and strong thru all of this.  Its still inconceivable to us that she actually broke her leg in the first place, but we are all determined to make the most of the situation.  She is reading and drawing a lot and working on a journal.  As a family, we are focusing on the empathy this experience will allow us all to feel in the future for others who are experiencing physical pain.

She is a tough girl and she is healing every day.

We could not be prouder of her.

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