Monday, April 2, 2012

Springtime Watercolor

I was looking for something to do with the kids last weekend--a little art project of some sort, and honestly, I was looking for something kind of interesting and more complex than what I was seeing with the usual Springtime craft projects...that was until I came across this...

Egg Watercolor Art

by Magda

I found the idea and the how-to thru The Crafty Crow.  The Crafty Crow, for those that don't know, is this awesome crafty collective website for kids.  Well, I mean, crafts that you can do with kids or...crafts that kids can do by themselves.  This beautiful watercolor project is actually from Scrumdilly-Do, but The Crafty Crow goes all over the internet pulling in the best craft ideas--so that's how I found it.  If you are looking for fun arts and crafts projects to do with kids...The Crafty Crow is pretty much the mother lode of crafty kid websites.  

It was an easy, fun project and we found the results to be especially beautiful...This is what we did:

(A huge thank you, by the way, to The Crafty Crow for featuring the project by Scrumdilly-Do...this is exactly the kind of project I was looking for!!  Please see Scrumdilly-Do for a more complete list of exactly what you will need and, no doubt, better instructions!)

1) I cut out an egg shape out of the side of a cereal box.  Using this as a stencil, I taped it to a piece of water color paper.

2.  Using a white crayon, you make lines, squiggles, curly-qs--whatever you want, within the shape of the stencil.  Pressing down hard so that the crayon leaves nice marks.

3. Using a clean paint brush, paint the area within the stencil with a wash of water; letting the water absorb, as much as it can, into the paper.  Making sure all of the exposed egg surface is at least damp.

4.  Then, using as little additional water as possible, dab the brush into the pure watercolor paint and spread it around the paper as you wish; staying within the confines of the stencil as much as possible.

5.  Fill up the area with as much paint/colors as possible--watching and helping them kind of all blend together...

And that is basically it!  Let it dry, then carefully remove your stencil.

Here are a couple of our faves!

Magda is really good at concentrating and taking her time--which makes me so proud.   
I love watching my kids create and make art.  I hope they never stop...


  1. oh! all of them or so gorgeous, bright and vibrant! i need to break out the paints again to make more, thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for all your kind words! Your watercolor eggs are gorgeous! Scrumdilly Do always has the most wonderful ideas :)