Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Soccer, Ballet & Dirt

On Sunday, for Mother's Day, this year
Greg asked me if I wanted a nice, fancy brunch...


 new and improved garden beds.

Happily, I took the garden beds...

(on the left is a view of the old asphalt driveway MINUS 
the asphalt we had ripped out recently to make room for the new garden)

We have lots of lovely new flowers and vegetables to plant.

But that meant a busy day:
 the building of the beds would have to happen AFTER ballet practice...

(getting ready for the dress rehearsal practice for the big performance next Sunday)

but before the final soccer games of the season...

and that would be games UNO y DOS!

(We were so busy, Magda forgot to put her pants on...
that is what she is claiming, anyway.)

(is that a ballet move?  Nice one, Magda!)

(GGGOOOAAAALLLLLL!!!!!  She smoked past the goalie)

 an Awesome Mother's Day...
the garden beds are just wanted I wanted--
Thank you Greg!!

Rain check brunch next weekend and 
photos of the new and improved garden coming very soon.

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