Monday, October 10, 2011

The month of October continues...

(Magda painted this)

and so does MY all-out HALLOWEEN DECORATING assault on our house--
I know Greg is thrilled...

I am determined to do all things spooky this year--for the ENTIRE MONTH OF OCTOBER... Here is the latest update on how things are shaping up.

Left: I like the idea of an old dead tree displaying ghost and goblins ornaments (doesn't everyone??) and so I found a tree branch that I spray painted with high gloss black paint.  
That lime green reindeer moss that you can get at Michael's is super great & adds a nice touch.  
Maybe we will make some more ornaments in the next couple weeks...
Right: awesome drawings: by Luca--the scary monster on the left and the witch is by Magda on the right.  Notice the constant companion to our lovely lady behind her hat...very nice!

My Splurges!  Left: an awesome old-fashioned apothecary jar which is just perfect for holding witch's potion or something even more dangerous (like water with green food coloring!) I found this gem on the lovely etsy shop The Vintage Hope Chest.  Judi, the seller, is delightful to do business with and I could not recommend her highly enough.  I had an equally lovely experience finding the bird cage on Design Du'jor.  Another great seller and fast shipping!  I like the these props because they are unexpected, surprising, and not your run of the mill decorations...

 I bought the life-like skull from Party City...the intent was to cover it with glitter (like the little ones on the tree) but I kind of liked it as-is.  And the ghost is a mason jar covered with tissue paper that looks great with a small tea candle can see more of my creations below...I just glued on ripped up patches of tissue paper and covered the whole jar...a la papier mache! 

The mantle is coming along nicely...some baby pumpkins are helping tie everything together, but I am still fussing with it...still work in progress; not quite finished.

I felt like my awesome RAVEN wreath was missing something, so I added a little signage.  I love type and thought it would help.  Since everything is supposed to be a little spooky/scary (and I am so not sure how really successful I am at this! Nothing seems that scary...but anyway) I didn't exactly want to say HAPPY Halloween...I thought, for some reason, October 31 had a bit more of a spooky ring to it...

its entirely possible that I am over-thinking ALL OF THIS WAY TOO MUCH!! : )

But it turned out nicely, don't you think?

ok, this is what I am VERY excited gigantic spider web!  Its 1/4 inch cord/rope that I just wove around 4 foundation straight lines (1-vertically, 1-horizontally, 2-diagonally)  The kids helped by cutting small pieces of thin wire that I used to hold the rope in place...(see photo below)  I secured the weaving piece of cord to every straight cord and just kept going around and around.

The giant spider, am pretty sure, is from the $1 bin at Target (although I think it cost $2.50) I just kind of took the legs and secured them around the cord.  It honestly did not take the long but I do recommend using eye hooks INSTEAD of duct tape (to secure the straight lines to the posts/house/etc)

Because with duct tape, you will find yourself taping the cord back in place...often.

 ok, that is it for now...I'll post more next week...its quite possible that I might be switching out the current wreath signage to something along the lines of 


See what I mean about over thinking things....its got to stop! : )

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