Monday, December 5, 2011

The Holidays Are Here!

The holidays are here and YIPEE!! I love them so much...I am especially excited because for some odd reason this year, I am WAY ahead of my usual scramble-at-the-last-minute schedule.   Christmas cards ordered: check!  Christmas gifts shopping for cousins and friends: check!  Home-made Christmas gifts for teachers and friends figured out, supplies ordered and ready to roll: triple-check!  

All by December 5...not bad!  
What makes things even nicer is pulling out the holiday crafts I have made in years past...
that are already done!  

that I made for the kids last year.

If you google "home-made advent calendars" (and click images) 
there is gaggle of interesting and fun ideas out there...I looked at  ALOT OF THEM--everything from Land of Nod to the craft blogs...

And in the end, the one I ended up making was one that I designed myself because I wasn't seeing anything that suited me exactly right.  I have one place to put it and that is on the back of the front
door, so it had to be long and skinny...I loved the color scheme of:

Red, Hot Pint, Dark Green, Medium Green and like a lime Green

At Christmas time, Trader Joe's sell chocolate coins (from money around the world)
and the make a perfect little treat for each pocket.

This year, the kids put four in each pocket--just so Greg and I can grab a bite
of chocolate as we are headed out the door....

Did I mention how much I LOVE the holidays...

Here are some shots of the outside of the house.

Josie, The Christmas Dog...all she needs is red bow!

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