Monday, December 12, 2011

Ideas for a Home-Made Holiday Mantle

 Christmas is in full-swing at our house.
We got our tree this weekend--so all the boxes of decorations came out too...We were busy!

During the last two weeks, I've also been busy collecting ideas on how to 
decorate our mantle this holiday season...

(or, really, I should say I've been ripping off  the gorgeous propping and photo shoots I have seen in the million of catalogs we seem to get this time of year...)

It started with the Garnett Hill catalog...I fell in love with their (out of stock and kind of pricey) felt tree trio...check them out here.  As soon as I saw them,  a) I LOVED them and b) I knew I could make them...but then I thought...hmmm, I bet someone else out there has made them too.  

And sure enough:  check out the directions I found from Sew Homegrown here.  
I did use the paper mache cones that you can buy at Michael's...Very inexpensive and easy to work with.

Here is an overview of the mantle so far....

Oh! These little cuties are so, so sweet and I want to make a million more...I made these 2 years ago and if you love all things tiny like I do...make a couple...they were not that hard at all.
Directions here.  From Martha...

The houses are paper mache that I bought thru Hobby Lobby's website.  
I think for the three of them (small, med & large) the set was $10.  I painted 
and sprinkled glitter on them...I want to cover the windows and door with tissue
paper, so I can put a battery operated candle in them so they glow, 
but probably won't get around to that anytime soon....

The snow globe was fun to make...Got the idea here.

The topiary needs some fine tuning, i.e. smaller berries...but this was
easy to make.  I got a moss ball at the craft store, put a stick in it and then put
it in a little pot I add, using some floral oasis foam to keep it put.  
I covered the foam with moss.

The little critters are ornaments that I got on sale at Macy's.

It still kind of a work in progress, but my thinking was part village, part forrest with woodland creatures, part whimsey, and part mercury glass...I love mercury glass!!  I need to invest in some good pieces; these here are just cheap knock offs...but for now they do ok....

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