Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Specialness

This weekend was great for a lot of reasons...

1) It was COLD; a great time to stay inside and make things!

2) Its the weekend before Valentine's Day...of course--an awesome time to make things!

3) And we had a fun birthday dinner to go to, so...another excellent reason to make things...

That is basically what we did--we made was an extravaganza.

First, I had some old cigar boxes that I picked up a while ago, and I have always wanted to collage them with sweet, little vintage art...and being invited to celebrate the birthday of a sweet 
7 year old girl--
this was the perfect time to break out the mod podge!

Magda helped me pick out the images and the placement...we gessoed the box to begin with
and added layers, paint and stamps.  Covered the whole thing the mod.

Perfect little gift for a girl to keep her secrets in! 

So, that was what Magda worked on...

Luca, on the other hand had to make a Valentine's Day card
for Jack...his classmate.  

Luca picked Jack's name out of a hat and since they are friends--

Luca wanted to do something extra special.  

Here is his creation that he did all by himself...

(ok, I helped a little!)

 I especially like the glitter wave on the front!

And then, I did a couple things...

I found this wonderful idea for Valentine's Day necklaces from eighteen25.

I love red and turquoise!!  Just makes me happy...

Easy little bling.

And lastly, I made Hazelnut-Mocha Truffles for the kids' teachers
to say thank you and let them know how much we love them...

Recipe from Cook's Illustrated.  

So simple and amazingly good.
Just a little token of love...

and, there will be a few left over...for us!

: )

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!!
Hope the day is filled with lots of random specialness...


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