Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy B-day little blog!

My blog turns 1 year old tomorrow!! Can hardly believe it!!  


What started out as just kind of an experiment has turned into something that I am
really quite proud of and has given me such a lovely creative outlet.  

To be perfectly honest, a few weeks ago--I was going to give it up... 

I had convinced myself that I would get to the one year mark and then pack it in...its a lot of work 
(even though you do totally get the hang of it..)  But there were times--even though I am down to posting only once a week (on Mondays-just fyi!) that I just didn't have it in me...

But then, you know--I get thru it: I make something; I post it and I smile...mainly because it dawned on me that this whole endeavor has turned into a digital journal/scrapbook for my kids--
to my kids...

and dare I hope--my grandkids and their kids' kids...

so this whole thing has kind of become like my (don't laugh! : ) my digital legacy.

I would kill for something from my grandmothers--seriously--KILL!
Anything at all--a note, a letter, a hankie--even.  A photo, a journal, a dress from my great-grandmothers...something--anything--that would give me a clue into their lives...

To make connections, to draw lines of comparisons, to understand their personalities, their strengths, their trials and tribulations.  I have always felt a huge whole in my heart because of their absence in my life...or rather how unknown they are to me...

I heard a social media expert say recently that the internet as we know it now--won't exist in 20 years.  I don't doubt that...with the way things are going, it seems almost like that's a given.  It will be something cooler, bigger and more crazy than we can possibly imagine right now...But if, with any luck, Blogger is still around--and Q-made survives--or maybe I just print out the whole blog or burn the whole thing to some kids, when they are grown, they can see what they did when they were 4, 5 and 6...and then their kids can see it and their kids...

And they will know a little bit of what their mom/grandma was like and what life was like in 2012...

and really, that is why this blog will probably have many more birthtdays to come.

A huge, huge thank you to my wonderful, loving husband 
Greg, who has supported this whole endeavor from the beginning and
has not once threaten to divorce me because of it!  

I kid, I kid!! : )

Here are some highlights from the past year.

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Couldn't decide--these two tied, in my book, for the best....

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October 30, 2011

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Thanks so much for checking in on us this past year...looking forward to sharing more.

With love,



  1. I think super girl is my personal favorite. It's been a long year, but you certainly have a lot to show for it. And, we're still married!

    Love you - Greg

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    1. Oh! Thank you!! Am so glad you like the blog...and I am amazed and thrilled to have someone from New Delhi checking out what I do!! So great!! Thank you!