Monday, March 5, 2012

An afghan blanket for Luca

This weekend, I finished up a little something for Luca.  A chevron pattern merino wool (blended with a little cashmere--so luxurious!) blanket that I crocheted for him...and just to give you a little sense in which the speed I crochet...I bought the yarn and began this project back in January 2009.  Its been a long time in the making!  Way too long actually..

The colors are red, cream, a kind of turquoise/robin's egg blue and navy blue--
although I know it looks like black in the photos.

Crocheting a blanket is the kind of project I love most.  This is my second blanket crocheting endeavor.  I pick it up and put it down when it feels good...mainly in the fall and winter months.(Nothing quite like a pile of wool draped over your legs while watching a movie at home in a humid DC July!! : )

But for some reason, this project was put down way more than it was picked up...probably moving twice in the last three years didn't help; neither did doing all this crazy blog stuff NOR having 2 kids, 6 and under!

The half-worked project, just kind of bundled, living in its basket--kept looking at me every time I plopped down on the couch to watch something...I would look at it back, but not compelled enough to pick it up, until one day Luca said...Mama, when are you going to finish my blanket?  Oh, gosh...good question.  Maybe I should finish it.  After all, that yarn was NOT cheap!  And it would be nice to have it done...

And then, just like that, I picked it up again--and--as things are with me...I got totally back into it and became totally crazed to finish it...I crocheted every chance I got--and with a very special thank you to DOWNTON ABBEY (I tended to crochet the most on Sunday nights, in front of our tv, which is faithfully tuned to PBS)...I got it done!  Finished dimensions are 30 x 60...Luca is very happy!

And I got it done, it should be noted,
just in time for those upcoming summer months!!  : )
Nice timing.

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