Monday, May 7, 2012

The Garden of 2012

For the last couple weeks, 
I have been working on getting our garden plot ready:
 getting the soil amended and our brand new, baby plants in the ground...

This weekend was the final push to getting it all done.  

A couple weekends ago, I made these planter beds.  
Very easy...I went to Home Depot with the kids and we asked the nice lumber guy for help. 
He cut the wood down to size and showed me what brackets and screws to get.

Greg widened the walk ways he put in last year
with one more row of bricks to make for a bit more room.

I wanted to just be simple this year...herbs and flowers; 
tomatoes, summer squash & cucumbers...
lettuce, strawberries and red peppers. 

 Magda LOVES red peppers.

We'll do the tomatoes like last year...
twisting heirloom indeterminate varieties around a string trellis.

Watching them grow up, up, up.

Magda planted some nasturtium seeds in a pot...

and our pretty violet pansies left over from Easter...

and I think all I have to do now, for a little while anyway... is water, weed and watch.

Occasionally, we stopped to take a break from all the planting and gardening.
Magda found these breaks the perfect opportunity to practice her signature move:

Jump roping, backwards...with her eyes closed...on one leg...

Luca thinks it's pretty awesome.

Made for a pretty great weekend...

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