Monday, May 14, 2012

A Happy Mother's Day

 I had a very lovely Mother's was filled with all good things:

lots of beautiful flowers

a delicious, home-cooked breakfast....

and lots of heart-felt, loving notions on wonderfully hand-made cards.

plus there was coffee and croissants...

from Luca

from Magda

from Whole Foods...

Really, a wonderful, lovely day. 

Sometimes I cannot believe I am a mother...

Such an awe-inspiring thing--to care for little ones; its almost heart-breaking in the 
scope of reality and the responsibility one takes on to care for fledglings--to know that you hold such a little life (or lives) in your's a lot.

Sometimes, I  can't believe I am actually doing it...I keep thinking I am going 
to screw something up--or maybe I already have...

But so far, so good--I think.   

I will continue to keep on doing what I am doing, as a mother--hoping that I am getting it right.  

And, if the croissants keep coming, I think I can pretty much assume that I am on the right track...

: )

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