Monday, July 9, 2012

Indoor S'mores

Its Summer time, its hot and its time for s'mores. 

Except for the fact that there is this teensy, weensy heat wave that we are having...

So, instead of building a camp fire outside 
(which would prove that I was certifiably INSANE!)

The kids & I roasted marshmallows over the stove 
(which proves that I am just borderline off my rocker.)

But I had to make s'mores because
I had to make this recipe for homemade graham crackers I saw!!

I mean, how could I not??

Home. Made. Graham. Crackers.  


OK--this did require that I turn on the oven for 20 minutes...

Greg said I should turn on the heater while I was at it.
(Sometimes he can be so NOT funny.)

Homemade graham crackers, btw--are awesome.

Recipe for them live here.

The crackers themselves were flaky, rich, and flavored with cinnamon. 
They had a nice nutty taste from the toasted wheat germ, which I loved...

Perfect, actually, with a cup of coffee.

 Kids LOVED the grahams too and of course, the whole thing
but really, what's not to love:

marshmallow, chocolate and graham goodness.

Plus when it's already 106 degrees outside--
what's another couple degrees....

I'd turn the stove on again in heartbeat for a s'more!

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