Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Squash Recipe

I am going to call it foresight...I think Greg would use a different word altogether, but whatever it is...lets just say I had A LOT of it when I planted a teeny-tiny Italian yellow squash plant last spring...

That little guy has basically taken over my garden and in the process--yielded many MANY offspring--so much so that we are having a hard time keep up with the summer squash bounty.

But instead of being overwhelmed by the deluge, we are just eating A LOT of yellow squash--which is not such a terrible thing especially since there a loads of good recipes out there.

And the best recipe I found so far this summer is one for a light & healthy salad--
works well with zucchini too.

Its basically like a squash carpaccio.

Its pretty simple...
first, I make thyme-infused oil for the dressing 
by steeping a bunch of thyme in some olive oil on the stove. 

Heat oil until bubbles appear; add thyme...turn off heat, cover and let sit for 20 minutes.

Next, grab whatever zucchini or (in my case) yellow squash you have lying around
6-8 small squash total--baby squash is better; thinly sliced with either mandolin or veg peeler
(remove some outer skin and stop when you get to seeds--should have long wide swipes)
6 squash blossoms
about a cup of cherry tomatoes halved or small tomatoes sliced
about 1/3 cup, more or less, of fresh ricotta
1/4 fresh basil leaves or mint leave or combo of both, torn
one lemon, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes

Arrange squash strips on platter, top with squash blossoms, dollops of ricotta, tomatoes, herbs, s+p and
red pepper flakes...drizzle with thyme oil and a good squeeze of lemon juice...

So summery, fresh, healthy and satisfying...

Its kind of amazing, really--this bounty of summer!

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