Sunday, August 5, 2012

Magda & my iPhone

My birthday was a couple weeks ago and all I wanted to do was take the day off work, 
hang out with my family and make a special meal...home-made pasta.  

That is exactly what we did and I asked Magda to document the meal-making part of the day, 
which she happily obliged--using the camera on my iphone.  

She took a LOT of photos, and I thought it would be fun to share the best ones 
(they were all good!) but here are the best.  Tweaking courtesy of me and Instagram...

Making the pasta dough

Luca & the pasta maker

Putting the dough thru

Still life with Luca
 : )

Fresh pasta drying

Thru a wine glass.

Still Life with Cat

With Lemon

With me!

Awesome job, Magda!!  I love your photos!!
Thanks for taking such fun shots of my special day!!

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