Monday, September 10, 2012

DIY Yarn Beard!

There really isn't a whole lot more to say...except that:

This weekend, I made a beard--out of yarn--for Luca...

I don't know where this idea came from and 
I am still not exactly sure why I made it...

but I do know HOW I made it

 and the directions are below...

so you can make your very own.

: )

I took a sheet of brown felt and holding it up to his face, 
I traced Luca's jaw line from ear to ear, around his chin.  

Then from ear to ear, under his nose--cutting out a hole for his mouth; 
(dipping just a bit from ear to nose instead of doing a straight line..)

I drew three lines below the hole for the mouth from ear to ear.

  Starting at the bottom and working my way up, 
I slowly machine-sewed loops of yarn close together on each line.
I snipped the loops.  
Then, I sewed loops of yarn on the top to make the mustache.

I sewed a piece of elastic on either side (by ears) to keep it on.

And then I gave it a trim...

very important...

and the fun part!

He kind of looks like Abe Lincoln, don't you think??


  1. What a great tutorial! I'll be featuring this on The Crafty Crow soon!

  2. This is so fabulous... I don't even know what else to say. I think every kid should have one of these!

  3. So cute! I was just trying to figure out how to do this, as my ten year old daughter ( yes, my daughter!) wants to dress as one of the dwarves from The Hobbit for Halloween. Thanks a million!

  4. love it!! thanks for sharing!

  5. I love it. The kids at church like to dress up like Bible characters.
    Thanks! By the way, your little boy is adorable.

  6. Hi there! I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this with us! I used your super easy tutorial to make beards for my 2 boys. They were loggers for Halloween and they were a huge hit! They totally made the costume. My little guy still puts his on to play. Thanks again!

  7. I needed to make a beard for a child to re-enact a Scripture story and came upon this. It turned out so great! Thank you for taking the time to publish this!

  8. This will be perfect for my partner in a school project!

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  10. Thank you for sharing this! My son loves the beard I made for his Captain Smith costume for Titanic day at school.