Monday, September 17, 2012

Late Summer Gardening

 We planted some perennials this weekend that we bought on sale at our local nursery.
We are taking it slow, planting new bed by new bed, as we hope is to cover the whole front yard in flowers, herbs and lovely leafy greens...kind of like an English Garden with edibles!

I'm not a big fan of grass--I'd rather have habitat for bees and butterflies.

The plants all look so small!!

But I am sore today with all the digging and soil-amending we did.  Picture: shovels and a pickaxe!

Our back yard compost pile (that I basically just kind of ignore) turned out to be amazing
and I used all we had to help enrich the soil.

Love the thought of last season's veg scraps feeding my flowers today!

We planted native plants like yarrow, echinacea, salvia and cat mint...

Will probably make adjustments to bed next Spring to make things fit better
and will get more filler plants like herbs and shrubs..but for now, its a good start!

Looking forward to when these plants get so established
that we can actually split them up and plant the newly divided plants into more beds...

An actual landscape professional was driving down our street and he stopped to admire our work...
I told him we basically didn't really know what we are doing--but that we had a general idea and we know what plants we like.  

He said we were totally on the right track and he loved our choices of these BOLD plants..

Bold, I thought...I like that!  

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