Monday, October 15, 2012

Greg's Big Day!

Greg ran the Baltimore Marathon this weekend!! 
He did an amazing, amazing job...
the kids and I cheered him on at mile 15 
on the corner of S. Linwood and O'Donnell
Streets in the Canton neighborhood of downtown 
Baltimore with--our home-made signs...

We waited and watched for him--very patiently...

Magda was a little nervous for him...

But then!! Out of the blue--we saw him running towards us!!
(that is him below with his hand waving hi to us)

Here he comes!! Doesn't he look good!!

 Really good!!

and there he goes...the kids tried to keep up with him for half a block or so...

but then we just had to bid him farewell and wish him good luck!

We cheered other runners on too, 
but we are so proud of our Dad and Husband--
he did a totally kick-ass job!  

Go Daddy Go!!

We love you!!

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