Monday, October 8, 2012

It begins...Halloween 2012!

Its been slow going, because of how busy we have been, but the Halloween decorations
are slowly starting to make their way up from the basement-- into their proper places in our home...

As you may know, I went a little over the top last year.  You can see so here.  
Its nice to have so much already done but I want to keep the kids on their toes
and mix it up a bit, so this is what we have new this year so far...

 Yes, that is a wreath made out of bones...part of me REALLY loves it but then I think it
may be slightly inappropriate for children under the age of 6.  I go back and forth.
I thought adding a burlap bow would help soften things up a bit!

Love the owls!!  

For the haunted house party this year, the theme is going to be a mad scientist's laboratory.
I am just starting to break out the props...will fine tune in the weeks to come.

How awesome is that bunting?!? Huge thank you to my
fab mother-in-law who not only picked up the fabric,
but helped make it to boot!

This ghost is something silly I did last year--we will see how long it lasts.
Its supposed to rain tonight, so it could be sooner rather than later...

I like the idea of it peering in the window!

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