Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day! Big-Big Day!!

I brought the kids with me to vote this morning. 
We brought them when we voted in last Presidential election 
and it was very important to me that I take them to this one as well...

It is a huge responsibility that I take very seriously--to show the
kids how the democratic process--in which we elect our leaders--works.

Crucial--extremely crucial...To me, the right to vote should
never be taken for granted.

Hopefully, we are raising them to be good citizens and to
respect this great Democracy that we are so fortunate to live in.

For them, it was a great opportunity for them to hit up the bake sale...
and get donuts!

But whatever...we voted and it feels great!

and it will for you too...


  1. So important, good on you. Here in Australia voting is compulsory. I dread to think how much apathy would exist here if voting was optional.

  2. Hi Tanya!
    Thanks, as always! for your comment...so nice to hear from you!! I kind of wish voting was compulsory here!! Or conversely, I wish everyone would just put a high value on the right to vote...But last night was good and we had a very high turnout...Don't you have to pay a fine in Australia if you don't vote?