Monday, November 19, 2012

We are Thankful!

A couple years ago, I cut out a bunch of leaves from 
autumnal-colored card stock, strung them together to
form a sort of Fall Leaf Thankful Garland.

I hang them around the window by our kitchen table.

Every year since, we talk as family, about what we are thankful for and then
I write each of those things on a leaf.

Hard to read, but the list includes things like:

Home-cooked food, sunshine, Teddy, crafts, our dogs and cat, ice cream, our cousins, 
aunts and uncles, our schools, clean water, the beach, grandparents, mountains, birthdays, 
snow, trees, the park, our bikes, Santa Fe, our friends, chocolate, chewing gum, 
art supplies, books, chess, red wine and coffee... 

(ok, those last two things belong to the parents!)

But its fun to add on new ones every year and see what were thankful for in past years...
certain things tend to repeat every year, but that is a good thing!

This year we added Duct Tape to our Thankful Garland...

The kids LOVE duct tape...Luca made this awesome duct tape collage.

I think I might frame it.

I am thankful for many, many things but mainly I am thankful
for my awesome kids and my wonderful husband.

Have a lovely and warm Thanksgiving holiday!!

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