Monday, August 15, 2011

Montgomery County Fair

The heat wave/humidity kind of broke this weekend and we can't take another minute scraping the linoleum off the front porch, so for a welcome diversion (FAMILY FUN DAY!) We went to the Montgomery County Fair on Sunday...we had such a great time!!  Our first time there...

We skipped the rides and went right past the deep fried butter, beer and twinkies.
(ok, I don't really know if our fair had all that deep fried stuff, but its what I was hearing about this weekend from Iowa!!)

We headed straight for the animals!!

We saw beautiful and wonderful cows, horses, ponies, pigs, goats, rabbits, chickens, sheep, camels, bees, geese, ducks, lamas, flowers, tractors, quilts, pies, fruit & veggies, quilts...a mama cow about ready to give birth...

The kids watched the judging of some sheep and got to pet and walk one around...they milked a cow for the first time and climbed on a huge old combine.  We a dancing poodle show (which was pretty cute), ate some delicious ice cream and saw some beautiful quilts.  

A great day and good fun for us all!!

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