Monday, August 8, 2011

My Super Girl

Last March, I made my son a Super Man can check it out here.  It turned out really well and you can get the simple, easy-to-do pattern here.  Back then, I actually did get fabric to make Magda a SUPER GIRL cape but for some reason I never got around to making her one...well, the porch work and the high heat continued to roll on, so this weekend we dusted off the red pom-pom trim and the "SUPER MARVELLOUS MAGDA" emblem and put the cape together along with some other super DUPER accoutrements.

I made wrist bands that (obviously) fight the bad guys with the greatest power on earth...LOVE!

(Magda didn't exactly buy it, but she thought they looked cool...)

Magda helped with everything...she glued the hearts and the Ms and hand-stitched the mask...

My beautiful SUPER GIRL...

I know she will do way more in life than leap a building in a single bound...

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