Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My friend

Before the earthquake on Tuesday, my work colleagues and I were all gathered announcement needed to be made...please, lets all gather together--its important...They were the worse kind of words because we knew it was the worse kind of news. Unexpected, to say the least, because we thought he might have had a few months more or a few weeks, at least...not only...merely...a few days.  

When we got word that the cancer was back on Friday, after a cautiously optimistic cancer-free summer of radiation and chemo one knew what to say.  We were stunned...

I sent an email:

"We all miss you and love you so much...what can I do to help you and your family?"

His response: let's see, not over yet...

That reply came last Friday evening; by Tuesday morning he was gone.

He was a brilliant editor, sharp wit and towering intellect, amazing way with words--a lovely, wonderful man.  Devoted husband and dad to 15-year old twins, he was my go-to-guy for all my gardening and tomato questions.  We just clicked and connected from the very start and I adored him.   We just sat around talking about what we had for dinner or what we were going to have for dinner.  He actually encouraged me when I told him I wanted to make home-made wine...But wait: you don't understand: he is the ONLY person who ever actually encouraged me to make home-made could I NOT love this man??

But more than anything, George was my friend.

I always thought the world was a better place because he was in it...and it was.
 And I know, with absolute fact, that the world is better off because he was here.  I never had his family over for dinner; we didn't hang out after work but he truly had an impact on me and I will miss him...way more than I thought possible...

The photo was taken right before taking off at the Albuquerque International Airport....I just thought somehow it fit.

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