Monday, June 25, 2012

Kid Made Modern

My sister sent along an unexpected and totally awesome gift/book to us last week...

Kid Made Modern is this really great craft book by Todd Oldham, designer extraordinaire, that features 52 craft projects inspired by mid-century artists like Alexander Girard, Isamu Noguchi and Charles + Ray Eames.  All of the projects are inexpensive, often using recycled materials and it has very clear, easy to follow instructions.  

There were so many amazing projects to choose from, but there was one we had to make right away...

The Potato Block Print Scarf.  

Very easy and fun to make--Super stylish to boot!

We got an XX large t-shirt and I cut straight across, right under the arms, so we had just one big tube.

Next, we needed a potato, cut in two, 
with a square design cut in on each side--as a stamp.

A couple tubes of fabric paint.

That's it, we were ready to go!

You can't tell but there is a piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt so the paint doesn't soak thru to the other side, but other than that...what you see is what you do and its really fun and easy to make.  

Luca is getting some tape.  Luca LOVES tape.

Let it dry overnight, then flip it over and do more on the other side...such a great project!

I think this may be our new go-to for girl birthday presents!

Thanks Sissy!! We LOVE the book!!

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