Saturday, June 23, 2012

Chomper and Our Last Night

Our friends had never been crabbing and while it would have been fun for the kids, 
the nearest place to do so easily was kind of far away...

Plus it was hot and we were hungry.  

So, instead a brilliant idea was hatched:  

when Greg and Jonah went to the fish store,

they bought tuna, clams, steamed crabs AND one live crab...

whom the kids called...Chomper.

The plan was to set him free in the bay, but first--

it was dinner-time.

We had clams, steamed in white wine, butter and garlic with some good sourdough bread.

The kids shucked corn and it was delicious.

We had perfectly cooked and seasoned tuna steaks.

Then, there were the steamed crabs...

(sorry about your cousins, Chomper!!)

There is always a demonstration and instruction on how to best go about devouring whole crabs.
(Magda is a pro!)

Sometimes it's nice to get a little help!

 Crabs are messy.

A little after-dinner run-around and then it was time to set Chomper free.
It was a joint effort.

You never saw a crab move so fast in your life!
That little guy was in the water before we could practically blink.
There was almost no time to say good bye!!

Unfortunately for him, he left behind a leg...but check out his new digs!!

Pretty lucky little crab...

I loved doing this and want it to be our new annual beach tradition...
Kind of how the White House pardons a turkey at Thanksgiving.

From now on, we will set a crab free every summer...

Thank you so much to our friends who came such a long way to be with us...
We had such a wonderful time and we love and miss you even more.

Until next time....

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