Monday, June 11, 2012

The beginning of Summer

We kicked off the summer season with a busy weekend--
it was a hot one and summer is definitely here.

Things got started Friday which was the last day of pre-school for Luca.  

Ok, just pass the tissues right now...
I am so not ready for my little baby to be going to big kid school.  
To me, this is just one of those really big milestones
that signifies how quickly he is growing up.

(And I am coping as best I can...sniff sniff)

Not to mention how much we adore his Montessori teachers 
and the fact that both he and Magda had a really positive
experience at their lovely little Montessori pre-school.

Its hard to believe that his pre-school days are over and he starts kindergarten in the fall...

Both Greg and I were a mess on Friday but Luca 
(who dressed up for the special occasion) 
was pretty much unfazed and is excited to start the big K in the Fall!

It was a big weekend for Magdalena too....she had her first piano recital on Saturday.  
She played Lazy Mary and The Volga Boatmen.  


So proud...

Couldn't take any photos of her while she was playing because 

a) the flash would have been too distracting


b) we couldn't see her from behind the piano, anyway...

This weekend, we were also invited to a double-birthday party, a retirement party--
there was swimming at the pool AND a sleep over at Grandmom's & Poppie.   

I am not sure how we fit it all in 
but I got to have some girlfriends over for a little soiree Saturday night.   

I made tacos.
They were good...
I love tacos. 

Cilantro and tomatillo chicken tacos with a red cabbage salad and black beans.

So, whew, yes, that was our weekend...

Am kind of looking forward to work on Monday...

when I can sit down and relax for a while!

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