Friday, May 20, 2011


You may know I have a 6 year old daughter who, currently, is coming to the end of her year in kindergarten.  She attends a public elementary school (K-5th grade) and there was much excitement, among her and her friends, about the upcoming ART SHOW at school...I don't think my husband and I gave it too much thought.  Its just been so drummed in me (over the last how many years?) that the arts were slowly being thrown out the window...she has art once a week for an hour--it wasn't that we had low expectations...I don't think we had any expectations at all--we hadn't seen much of her work up until this point, so it was more like we just had no idea what to expect...

I rushed home from work, inhaled dinner--forced Luca to eat his dinner...we piled in the car, raced to school...walked in the door and proceeded to be TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY by what we saw...just amazing, amazing work.  Impressive and complex--not your standard arts & crafts fare--no way!

These were some challenging concepts.

The art work was all well-executed, thoughtful and intelligent.  Just really damn good.  Super huge thanks to Ms. Leighton, the super star art teacher--she is really gifted at what she does.  
Wonderful and total score for the public schools!! : )

Here are some highlights.

Detail from self-portraits by the KINDERGARTEN class

That BOLD THREE means the third graders did it...THIRD GRADERS!!!


Looking at the main front entrance of the school.



1st GRADERS!!!


4th Graders!!

Fourth Graders

3rd graders...I just love these so much...

3rd Graders

5th Graders

5th Graders

Second graders!! I could not even do this NOW!!!


Look one way and you see one scene; look the other way and see something totally different.

Love the gold pasta frames...genius!


  1. Fantastic works of art! Why do people spand millions in uggly modern art? Those kids are amaising.

  2. I know...and it goes to show that kids are capable of pretty amazing things if we just give them the how-to!!