Wednesday, May 11, 2011

DIY: Wheat Grass Planter

I love wheat grass...but more to grow--not so much to drink.  Not that I have anything against it in liquid form--I know, when juiced, its highly nutritious...but I am much more interested in planting the wheat berries in pots all over the back yard for a lovely pop of kelly green.  
Its easy... it looks great! And when its really long--the kids can give it a "hair cut."

This is what I do...

I go to the bulk aisle at Whole Foods and buy wheat berries, that is to say: whole wheat (that when ground, makes, ahem...whole wheat flour--just being clear...)  I solidly spread the wheat (just in single layer) over nice fresh soil in a pot..make sure that you do an even coat of wheat berries over the soil so you get a nice consistent  "lawn" (for lack of a better word...)  I lightly cover seeds with more soil--not much, just enough to cover lightly.  Experiment with different sized pots...looks cute in teeny tiny tera cotta pots or can be quite dramatic in a large over-sized one...Water, put in sun and in a week and a half, you will have a great center piece for your outside table!  Plus, your cat will LOVE you...

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  1. I like how you showed the step by step process of growing wheat grass.... Thanks for sharing!