Tuesday, May 3, 2011

DIY: Bird Feeder

I have this thing for feeding the birds...I can't help it and ever since we moved to the East Coast, I am so in love with all the birds that are new to me here--I just want to feed them all!! : )  
We had some good bird feeders in Santa Fe, but they got left behind when we moved.  
And the only new bird feeders I want to buy are the expensive ones because I know they will last, but I don't really want to shell out $40 for a bird feeder...

So what's a crafty girl to do?!  I MADE ONE!! and its pretty good, too!  Here's what I did...

Initially, I was thinking about wanting to make one out of wine bottle--I was preferring to glass to plastic for this....but since I don't really know how to cut glass, I thought: ok, that's a bad idea...so, then I thought about a plastic--but I didn't want a plastic water bottle or that narrow kind of shape....  I had an old Trader Joe's mayo container that I had saved (for I don't know what!!--I think  just liked the shape of it) and so I thought: that's a good idea!...I was also thinking about the cute china plates my mother-in-law bought me for my cake stand at her local thrift store...see this post for that.  And I thought one of those plates could make a nice base...and honestly--it couldn't be any easier to make.  

Supplies: wider plastic bottle + china plate from thrift store 
+ E-6000 glue (or Gorilla or anything heavy duty)
Bird seed, sharp scissors, wire, twine, something sharp & a CORK!

Cut three notches into the top of jar--
where the threads for the lid would be.  I did a triangle shape.

This is where the something sharp comes in handy and it's the only tricky part.
You need to cut a hole in the bottom (which is now the top) of the container...
big enough to put a cork in...this is how you will refill the seed.  

Make sure the kids are FAR AWAY when making
hole with sharp object...I used a dry wall saw.
As my daughter yelled to me from across the yard,
"Not the best idea, Mom..."
Maybe so, my dearie-doo, but it worked--
AND! no one got hurt...

Put a cork in it!  Well, first, glue the bottom (which was the top)
to the center of the plate, fill with bird seed--THEN put a cork in it.
Punch a hole on either side and taking a piece of wire about 7-8 inches long,
fold up each end, about 1/2 inch in--into a v-shape and insert into hole on
either side...Hang with twine if necessary.

And there you go...it doesn't look half-bad either...MUCH BETTER than spending 40 bucks!


  1. Hello there Quentin! What a cute little bird feeder and it looks easy enough to make too. I've got this linked to my bird feeders post as well today, thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Hi Heather! Thanks so much for the link...you have rounded up some great ideas! Your blog is wonderful and I'll be checking back on what you are up to!

  3. Hello, I love feeding the bird also. But bird feeders are so expensive. I really like your idea, and I am going to try it too! thanks so much!!

  4. Hiya, we're moving to a new house very soon and I'm going to go to work in the garden trying to attract as much wildlife as I possibly can...birds, butterflies, squirrels...etc.
    I saw your design and thought to myself...why not? It looks simple to make and just as effective as anything shop bought...cheers, Dave

  5. Excellant idea...thx for the good instrs too!

  6. Hello, I love feeding the bird also. But bird feeders are so expensive. I really like your idea, and I am going to try it too! thanks so much!!

  7. I am going to pin this. I think you would be able to drill the hole in top with a spade bit on a drill.

  8. Great idea! What kind of glue did you use to fasten the jar to the plate? Also, why did you have to turn the bottle upside down and use a cork? Couldn't you have filled the bird see through the opening in the jar, put on the regular lid, and just glued the bottom of the jar to the plate (with holes cut around the bottom)?

    1. I think your idea Julie is a perfect improvement.. the wider bottom of the plastic bottle will cling more to the saucer or any flat surface to be used. The mouth of the jar will work perfectly with its original cap. Thank you for writing in.