Monday, May 23, 2011

DIY: Tins for Planting

Greg routinely cooks oatmeal for the kids during the week, (while I get ready for work)--one morning we had run out of our usual bulk variety of oats but the kids really wanted oatmeal so he dug deep into the pantry and finished off the emergency stash of the steel cut oats that we had on hand.  

As the empty tin sat on the counter top...I was thinking to is a good looking tin--it would look even better with a little plant in it, sitting on our window sill...because you can never have enough fresh herbs on, about 2 seconds later...voila--it was done!  

The tin.

The tin, again.

Punched holes in bottom of tin with hammer and nail.
Tin will probably collapse in a rusty mess, but it will look good until then!

Aaahhh, a lovely bit of thyme planted in the sweet--so simple!

Done!  and note to self: you are almost out of soap!!!

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