Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July!

We had a great Fourth!!  I am not sure where exactly where the idea came from, but the Magda and I thought it would be fun to tie-dye some t-shirts for our kid friends in the neighborhood...you know:  to show off their national/hippie pride... : ) They turned out really, really well--who knew tie-dye was so easy!!

On Sunday, we had our neighbors over for a cook-out and I made this super easy, very delicious nectarine and hazelnut tart (from Martha Stewart July/Aug EveryDay Food)...it seemed more in the spirit of Bastille Day, but it was excellent topped with some vanilla ice cream nonetheless!

And our pretty table set-up...would have been delightful to have dined out doors, but a massive thunderstorm drove us all inside (including the table cloths, flowers and cute little votives!!) and we ate in the screened-in porch instead...but soon enough....the rain stopped and the clouds parted just long enough to break out the fireworks!!  Hooray!!

 The kids had a blast watching them...and then we did sparkers...

On the Fourth, we did the T-shirts and handed them out to our friends and then wore them to the local firework show, (that got canceled at last minute due to rain) so we rushed home and watched the ones on tv on The Mall in DC--which didn't get rained out...(lucky them!) The kids were a little disappointed but all in all a great weekend and a happy Fourth!  Hope you had a lovely weekend as well!!

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