Friday, March 18, 2011

Craft: Superman Cape

My little boy woke up one morning recently and wanted to be Superman...I am not sure exactly where it came from because he doesn't even really know who Superman is but he knew enough to know he wanted a cape: a magic, super-power, flying kind of cape.  The small lap quilt that we tried to tie around his neck and secured with a rubber band just wasn't cutting it...

So, when presented with a challenge of a how-to, just like with about everything else...I googled..."how to make a superman cape"...and boy, did I hit the jackpot:

this is the awesomeness I found:

free superhero cape tutorial

this is what I made:

and this is what I got:

ok...can you say "Uncle John?!?"

The tutorial is seriously awesome and goes really quick.  It is actually reversible with Batman on the inside...but I couldn't quite pull that off.  

A huge special thank you to SUPER-GRANDMOM who leapt with a single bound to Joanne's and got me all the supplies.  FYI, if you have never dealt with Heat N have got to try it--its so great...just follow the directions so you don't melt your first super hero emblem to gunck that ends up burnt on your I did.

and beloved Nikon D-80 is in the shop...well, actually the lens is...the focusing ring is WORN OUT....I actually wore it out and the thing won't focus anymore, so the ring is being replaced.  I used our old point and shoot to document this...Hopefully, I will be back up in running with new lens ring in a jiffy providing the high quality photos and images that you have come to love and expect! ; ) trying a new blog manager called bloglovin:

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