Thursday, February 10, 2011

My super hero, plates & candlestick holders

Very little I make actually originates in my head...most all of the things I do come from ideas I see online, in magazines or in real life...I think that's why I get so hooked, the idea of something can be a very powerful thing! So, I see all this great stuff that I want to make, but I have this day job that takes up A LOT of my time, so when I see something particularly seductive that I cannot stop thinking about but have no way of getting to the craft store/thrift store/fabric store to make my dream a reality...well, let's just say that is the time I call in the big secret crafty mother-in-law. The convo goes somthing like this: me: Hello...she: HI! so I was just wondering if you had any such and such items (like vintage china plates) OR if you were by any chance at all going by the craft store or if this or that and on & on...she: Q--what do you need and I am on it! And she swoops down, comes to my rescue and saves the day! I am such a lucky girl! The last time this happened was when I saw a photo of 3-4 vintage plates alternating with supports of glass candle stick holders and a thin glass bud vase. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. My super-heroine leaped with a single bound to her local thrift store, bought a lovely array of china plates & glass votives and brought them to me to epoxy them all together into something quite lovely. It was wonderful. I think this project would work great with mid-century plates and more modern plates too. Plus, they would make great gifts...Thanks again Chrystie!! You are the best!!

The examples that sparked the flame....

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  1. Chrystie is my super hero, too. I am going to make this one. I have cordial glasses that will work great. I just need to get the plates at my thrift store. I'll let you know how it looks. Jackie