Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DIY: Home-made Facial Toner

THe cleanse I recently did was illuminating in a lot of ways. One major insight gained from reading Dr. Junger's book was the fact that equally important to what we eat and put into our bodies thru our mouth is what we put directly onto our skin (and this is not just limited to soaps, creams & lotions--think about all the chemicals that go into deodorant, perfume, hair products, dry cleaning, etc). I have long made an effort to keep the sulfates, parabens, artificial colors & smells at bay, but recently I went one step further and purged my medicine closet and thru away any and all offenders of the artificial or petro-based kind. And because as much as I LOVE all the organic skin care lines out there, especially Dr. Hauska---I cannot afford them, ESPECIALLY Dr. this is when that handy-dandy phrase pops into my head and sends me into a dither...hey, I wonder if I could MAKE Dr. Hauska...

and sure enough...

I googled...

and I found a recipe posted by DandelionMom

Dr. Hauska Toner Recipe

This is really nice, easy to make AND IT SMELLS craft room smells like the skin care aisle at Whole Foods...I love it! Just a note: chamomile and rose essential oil are costly. I am looking around for better options/subsitutes and think I found them here and here.  These aren't the oils but they have the essential smell which is what we are going for.  I will try them and report back.  Special thanks to my sis-in-law Gab who lent me her essential oils for the grand experiment. I can absolutely report that this is indeed a VERY nice toner and this has inspired me to make more home-made skin care products. Also, a lot of blogs I follow do these fun give-aways to readers who post a comment. I am not quite ready to host a give-away, but do stay tuned and I will do one soon.


a spray bottle
witch hazel
German chamomile essential oil
rosemary essential oil
Rose essential oil
100% Aloe Vera Gel

Combine 1/2 cup purified water with 2 Tbsp. witch hazel, 2 Tbsp. aloe vera gel, and 3 drops of each essential oil.

Place a funnel over the opening of your bottle and pour the ingredients into the bottle. Screw on the top.

After cleansing your skin with a natural, pure soap, spritz on the toner with spray pump top or dab a cotton ball and allow it to soak into your skin! You will LOVE it!!!


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