Friday, February 18, 2011

Paper Cutting

I painted Magda's room last summer and then proceeded to rearrange her furniture.  The new configuration left bare a HUGE hole I made hanging some art that wouldn't work with the new set up..all this is to say: I had a bare wall with a gaping hole that desperately needed some new art work to cover it all up. This was a craft emergency; I had to make something--but what?  After much thought and deliberation, I settled one of my favorite crafts of all time...cutting paper.

click on images to get a better look..

My fave for this is Amy Karol over at Angry Chicken.  She has a great blog and she offers eMail Orders for her different original craft projects.  #8 & #10 each offer 4 different patterns.  You can go here to check out.  I have downloaded her pdfs in the past, cut them out and framed them for gifts--which I think is so very sweet.  I am always really pleased with how they turn out.

click on images to get a better look..

Amy gives very clear and helpful instruction and tips (mainly just use a very sharp x-acto knife) These come together so nicely and easily, I whole-heartedly recommend them.  And then, when you get really hooked, you can look to the magical work by Elsa Mora for inspiration...OR you can just get lost in it...either way is good.

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