Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Treasure Hunt for Little Girls

Recently, my little girl turned six and we invited 3 of her friends from her kindergarten class to come over and help celebrate. As a fun activity, I hid a series cryptic clues that would lead the girls to treasure and more clues for more treasure until each little girl (and one eager little brother) each had found their own special gift. It worked really well and it fun to watch them all work together to solve the clues (was like watching a lightbulb come on when they figured it out) and race to where the treasure was hidden. It worked like this: At the beginning, I told them the rules (they had to work as a team and no one could open their box until everyone had found their's) and gave them one fancy pink envelope with a mysterious clue written on the card inside. For instance, one clue read: Little people live in this house, so please be as quiet as a mouse. The girls would read the card...SQUEAL in delight...then run upstairs to my daughter's room and look in her doll house; there would be a small gift with a girl's name on it and another clue (in an envelope) to where the next treasure was hidden. For five kids, I'd say it was a solid 25 mins of a great time!

The Gifts...pre-hunt


The Hunt

The Booty! Including home-made rose soap, a fancy ring, a vintage hankie & some truffles...


  1. Quentin,
    Where do you get antique hankies? I love them and I want some for my little girl grands. Jackie

  2. Hi Jackie!
    Thanks for all the posts and I especially LOVE my answer (probably for most things) is EBAY. Its a really great place to get all the vintage stuff.