Saturday, February 26, 2011

PHOTO: How to make a mosaic

My first love was and always will be photography.  

The first thing I was really proud of actually making were photographs; I got my first camera at eleven (a Nikon).  I was obsessed with photography all thru high school, majored in it in college and now I help to support my family with a photo-related career.   I had my own darkroom for years and especially love the old big cameras of 100 years ago and pin hole cameras.  But when I had my daughter, I realized my days in the darkroom were numbered (because of not wanting to be in constant contact with all the chemicals and just sheer lack of free time.)   It was a sad day when the realization dawned: that if I were to continue with my photography, I was going to have to put my beautiful old 4x5 large format camera up for sale on ebay (gasp!) and buy a (Nikon) digital SLR (double-gasp!).  But I did it and honestly, I have never looked back.  

And now, for me--like practically everyone, its a totally digital world.  

(I do still love film but uploading instant photos to my computer is kind of a dream come true!)

And not to mention all the fancy tricks one can do with digital images.  Right now, I am kind of crazy about the grid layout or The Mosaic and it took me a bit to figure it out, so I thought I would share how to do it.

You'll need:
a bunch of cool photos (similar or disimilar)
this link: Big Huge Labs
A flickr account is very useful and helpful but not necessary.

First go to Big Huge Labs
See my big pink: go here>>  Go there and from drop down menu, select Mosaic Maker.

That will take you to this page where you can upload each photo manually (kind of a pain...)
Be sure to select your configuration: 2 columns by 2 rows will give you a square grid with 4 photos. Go big! could select the Flickr photoset option, and paste your Flickr set link/url. (MUCH EASIER--
See how to below).  When all set...hit CREATE.  In mere seconds, you get a great jpg that you can drag to your desk top, order a high resolutin print from Big Huge Labs or email it/blog it/facebook it to your heart's content!

If you do use Flickr, you will need to link your Flickr account to Big Huge Labs. You will be prompted to do this when you first try to create a mosaic using the Flickr Photoset option.  

Here's the how to on grabing the link and setting up in Flickr:

1) Mosey on over to Flickr and upload yer photos.
2) Click on create new set. Click save.
3) Either click edit to arrange photos in pleasing manner.  You won't be able to see them here as a grid, but you can use your imagination.  Click save.
4) Or go straight to clicking on set title link.
5) Go all the way over to other side of page and click on SHARE THIS.
6) Click on GRAB LINK and copy the whole link.
7) Go back to Big Huge Studio and paste the whole link into the Flickr Photoset field and 
Volia...un mosaic!

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