Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A quilt for my nephew

My nephew recently turned one.  One year heart-breakingly cute and little--still baby but getting bigger.  Its a big one--the first one, and I wanted to do something special.  Ok, honestly, I wanted to give this to him on his actual birth day--but I am averaging about a year per quilt these days, so now, for this birthday--it's right on time!  

His colors are orange and like a bright sky blue.  And a while ago (like a year ago), I came across a photo of a quilt like this on was love at first sight.  I saw it and I knew my nephew had to have a baby quilt like the photo I saw.  I had no idea how to make it but I did not let that small detail stand in my way...I forged ahead with my low-res color print out in hand and proceeded to make the whole thing up as I went along.  Turns out, (through the magic of google) the pattern is called...


makes sense, right? 

 Just a bunch of triangles, hard could it be??

Turns out: not too hard! I thoroughly enjoyed making this quilt; I loved the challenge of figuring it out--I was like a quilt detective.  All I had was a photo print out and google--that was it, but I tracked down the pattern, the how-to and figured it out...which was so fun.  I love the bold colors and the simple, graphic nature of the design.  

Kind of perfect for a little boy.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!! We love you very much!!

and of course, a HUGE THANK YOU to Dana over at Old Red Barn for her great tutorial on how to make a quilt.  You can find all her links here (this is the quilt I made for Magda).  I referred back to her tutorial for a brush up on how to do the binding and I can't tell you how much I appreciate her, her great sense of humor and her great blog!!  Thanks Dana!!


  1. the pictures don't do it justice. it couldn't be more perfect! cash is already rolling all over it. thanks sissy!!!

  2. Am so glad...that makes me so happy!! Lots of love!!