Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day at the Beach

We had a great Father's Day...the morning included a delicious breakfast of Migas, black beans and bacon.  We opened some presents (besides a new pair of Keens and some very attractive T-shirts, Greg got a Bocce set AND an instant read thermometer!  He says I always buy him gifts for me, but SO NOT TRUE!  : )  After a fun visit to the beach, we headed back home for a relaxing afternoon...

And then it was time for dinner!!  We grilled...and since it was Father's Day...we grilled everything...including MORE bacon!

and we grilled romaine lettuce--which was so good!  We served it with a homemade buttermilk dressing and pickled radishes and shallots.

We grilled shrimp & potatoes, was basically a grill-a-thon...

We marinated the shrimp in Old Bay and lemon and after grilling tossed with the grilled bacon and slices of grilled lemon.

Grilled potato salad with garlic infused olive oil with herbs.

Everything was delicious and we are so happy to be together with our family!

Happy Father's Day, my are an amazing father and we love you so much!!

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