Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Father's Day--but really I MUSTACHE!

(if not clear, mustache reads as must dash...just to be cute!)

Sunday is Father's Day and we thought we'd send early best wishes for a great day to all Papas, Daddys & Grandpops out there!!  We are going to be officially on vacay at the beach starting the DAD in our life will sleep in, read his book on the beach and interact with the children when he wants to : )...hopefully there is a delicious grilled dinner in there somewhere to celebrate, too!!

For your amusement,  here are some fun things to do in celebration of DADS everywhere...

I got the great idea to make a bow tie from DELIA CREATES via MADE by Dana.
The tie was inspired by PURL BEE--their's is way better than mine, but that is where I got the idea...
And I found this MUSTACHE PDF online ages ago but I can't remember where...(would love to give credit, so if you know to whom this AWESOMENESS belongs to, please let me know!!)

Click on the image and it will pop up large enough to print out and cut up...tape the little funnies to a straw and you've got 20 minutes of a good time for your almost 4 year old...I guarantee it!!

Happy Father's Day to all the DADS in our lives....WE LOVE YOU!!!

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