Friday, June 10, 2011

Nutella--but better!

I know you might be saying to yourself, c' can Nutella get better??  Well, I'll tell you and you've probably guessed it already anyway...MAKE IT YOURSELF!!  Yes, make it yourself and you will be SOO happy!! Honestly...the hazelnut flavor is way more intense and comes thru so nicely in this homemade version that I found on David Lebovitz's site.  (If you don't know David's site, you really should...he writes about food on his blog from PARIS!!--am not jealous one bit...)

Just a few things to keep in mind: 

Use the freshest hazelnuts you can find--when they go stale, they are so not good!  
Full-disclosure:  I increased my sweetner from his 3 Tablespoons, to (ahem) 5...agave works well here.
In David's recipe, he does not strain...I, HOWEVER, did strain--and I think its better, but that's just me.

In a concerted effort to not divert traffic to his site, I am not going to post the recipe here but direct you again to his can find the recipe...*TA DA*!

And yes, there is that tastes good but what do you do with it...well, again, I am going to direct you to another website.  You will get plenty ideas here at WORLD NUTELLA DAY.  Seriously...

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