Monday, June 6, 2011

Radishes, Butter & Salt

I highly recommend you try this simple bite of summer...if you planted a TON of radishes (because they grow really fast and your kids are really anxious to start harvesting the bounty-asap) or if you just picked up a bunch at the farmer's market or store--this is a nice way to serve them and its really surprisingly good.  

(but honestly, what isn't  better with butter?)

This is a traditional way the French eat could just dab a pat of butter on a radish, dip in some sea or coarse salt and start munching.  OR you can do what Ina, the barefoot contessa (and I) do...which is make a little herb butter, spread it on slightly toasted baguette, add a few thinly sliced radishes and sprinkle with salt and enjoy.  Do serve right away...the radish is better crisp.  This is really good and is pretty much my new taste of summer.


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