Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Craft: Vintage Fabric Tote Bag

My bag fetish continues...I discovered this Better Homes & Garden craft pattern (here) when I found the last tote bag I made and had to make this one too.  Pretty much any pattern involving anything "vintage" I am a sucker for--especially when its conjures up for me an old French farmer's market type bag or something you might be lucky enough to find at a Parisian flea market...this pattern happens to be SUPER easy (I only had to rip out a seam once!! : )  My camera is still in the shop so I didn't take any shots of the bag in progress but these little still life's of the material turned out ok...(except for the blurriness of the lead photo...rats!)

If you like the fabric I used and want to order some for your own bag, I got mine--from where else: the onlinefabricstore or you can go here.   I used specifically: Waverly Country House Toile Red (Product ID:666111) and Waverly Timeless Ticking - Crimson (Product ID:668085)  Its not technically vintage because I did buy it brand new...but it looks vintage and that's basically all I was going for here...

I love the way it turned out and its a great, quick pattern.  I think I will give this tote to my mother-in-law as thank you gift for all the craft/fabric store runs she has made for me over the past how many years...but--I want it to be a surprise, so let's keep it a secret, ok?!
: )


  1. Really nice bag. Found when looking on Pinterest under "ticking totes". I like the vintage look and want to make a tote with ticking. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Can you tell me the finished size of your tote and if it has a boxed bottom