Friday, March 4, 2011

Craft: Cute Little Tote

Maybe its because my daughter's lunchbox inexplicably disappeared this week (and she is borrowing my lunch tote till she gets another one) or maybe its because I recently discovered Better Homes & Gardens wonderful craft page OR maybe its because one can never have enough various size totes on hand...whatever the reason, I have been thinking a lot about making some bags lately and here is my first attempt.  Its small; finished size is 8 x10 but its cute and confidence building for making more...I'm excited to try my hand at different styles now.

You can find the pattern here.  The directions were simple and easy to follow.  The Happy Zombie also has a great tutorial here, slightly different pocket set-up but generally same idea.  The Happy Zombie's downloadable/printable instructional pdf is seriously a work of art!!

 I think next time I make it, I might add 10-12 inches to overall dimensions to get bigger bag, but for now--this one is a perfect tote for one's lunch...



  1. Hi Quentin, your blog is beautiful! I love crafts and beautiful colors! Thanks for sharing with me.
    - dana

  2. Thank you so much Dana! Very nice words for this new blogger to hear! I love, love, love the Celebrate The Boy and would love to submit a cool idea for next time around...