Wednesday, March 2, 2011

DIY: felt flower wreath

It was the day before my daughter's 6th birthday--end of January.  We were having 4 little girls come over for a treasure hunt.  Read more about that here.  The house needed some color--fast.  I don't know where the idea came from--usually I get my inspiration from others, but this came to me in a flash.  A felt flower wreath and I had (almost) all the supplies on hand.  
18 inch straw wreath - I highly recommend the straw wreaths ($4-5) as opposed to the styrofoam ($12)
various fabric remnants
multiple sheets of different colors of felt, including light/med/dark green
pom poms or buttons
glue gun/sticks

My daughter and I made a bunch of felt flower broaches last spring to send out a little gifts to friends and family and we had some left over.   I looked around for some other designs to mix it up a bit; I think if I had more than 24 hours to put this together, I might have incorporated even more kinds of flowers, but I think it turned out pretty well as-is.

These are great tutorials I used... you can find:
the fabric flowers here by Pink Paper Peppermints
the felt flowers here by Betz White
the dark pink pointsetta type at about 5 o'clock here
(from Martha Stewart, but I cannot find the link now)
I started by making a LOT of flowers, more is better, for this--I did 23.  I then wrapped the wreath with the tulle to give a base for better adhering and to add some interest--but you can't even see it really.  Then, I cut several leaves, free-form, in 3 different greens and placed them all around--facing in and out to mix it up.  I found my handy-dandy glue gun was the perfect tool for the job.  And finally, I just started arranging the flowers: clustering the small ones together, giving the big ones some room.  It was fun; I just played around till it looked right.
that dark blob the lower right-hand corner is our dog, Josie.
It would have greeted our special guests on the outside of the door, except for the freezing rain, snow and wind SO I hung it on the inside where I think it made quite a lovely statement and provided just the color I was looking for.


  1. Quentin,

    Your wreath is absolutely beautiful! I was just thinking about what kind of spring decorations to put on the door and I *love* this. Now will I have time to make it???

    Love your pretty blog too, (that potsticker recipe looks yummy!)

    ♥ Melissa~
    Pink Paper Peppermints

  2. Thanks Melissa!! I so appreciate your comments...and your wonderful tutorial to help bring it all together. Will check back in on you and your sweet blog often!

  3. Wowee, Quentin! That wreath is just beautiful. Such a great mix of color and texture. You know how hooked I am on flowers. Lovely! And congratulations on your new blog.

  4. Thanks so much Larissa for your kind words and awesome blog! I will check back often for more wonderful inspiration!

  5. Wow Quentin, that wreath is incredible! A truly fine piece of craft. I'm totally lovin' the blog!

  6. Liz!! Thanks so much--I am so glad you are checking in!! I want to get your address and I'll send you some a few little gifts...xo, Q.

  7. I've put together a round up of pretty spring wreath projects on Craft Gossip today and included your post. :) You can see it here

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